Circular Inline Centrifuge Duct Fan

Introducing our Circular Inline Duct Fan, a high-performance solution designed to elevate your ventilation system with precision engineering and robust features. The fan is equipped with a centrifugal impeller featuring backward-curved blades, all powered by a single-phase external rotor motor. This motor is not only designed for longevity but is also fortified with overheating protection, ensuring the safety and durability of the entire system.


Centrifugal Impeller Design

Durable Construction

Powerful Air Volume


Key Features:


Centrifugal Impeller Design: The fan boasts a centrifugal impeller with specially crafted backward-curved blades, optimizing air movement and efficiency in your ventilation setup.


Long Service Life: The single-phase external rotor motor is equipped with ball bearings, guaranteeing a service life of at least 40,000 operating hours. This ensures lasting performance and reliability for extended periods.


Durable Construction: The casing is constructed from cold sheet metal, providing both strength and corrosion resistance. A protective coating further enhances the fan’s resilience to environmental factors, ensuring a long-lasting and robust solution.


Powerful Air Volume: The streamlined fan blade design contributes to a powerful air volume, maximizing efficiency in ventilation. The fan is capable of achieving air volumes of up to 1900m³/h, making it suitable for a range of applications.


Size Options: The Circular Inline Duct Fan is available in various sizes, including the φ315, allowing for flexibility in meeting the specific requirements of your ventilation system.





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