Commercial Series B Cross Flow Air Curtain

Introducing our Metal Casing with Powder Spray Air Curtain featuring a unique arc design crafted from cold sheet material. The friendly round shape, combined with a smoothly contoured air duct, not only enhances performance but also adds a touch of modern elegance to any space. With sizes ranging from 90cm to 2 meters, this air curtain offers high performance with low consumption, ensuring efficiency and ease of operation. The Cooper motor, equipped for long-lasting use, comes with an overload protector, and users have the option of remote control or manual operation. Ideal for all shops and main entrances, the recommended mounting height of up to 3 meters ensures effective air separation. Personalization is made easy with options for customized colors or materials, providing flexibility to match the air curtain to any aesthetic. Upgrade your environment with this stylish and reliable air curtain that seamlessly blends performance, design, and convenience.



Maintenance-Free Performance with Cooper Motor:

  • Cooper motor ensures consistent high performance.
  • Operates trouble-free for 8000 hours with low noise and maintains strong, stable airspeed.
  • Equipped with an overload protector and durable ABS impeller for extended used

Exceptional Performance Design:

  • Unique arc shape and smooth air duct enhance overall performance.
  • φ115mm impeller generates a substantial air volume for efficient airflow.
  • Powerful motor maintains stable pressure, while the power-off memory function adds convenience

Versatile Features for Easy Operation:

  • Option for remote control or manual operation.
  • Convenient press button on the body for user-friendly control.
  • Easy installation process for hassle-free setup.
  • Adjustable air deflector angle from 0-15° for customization.
  • Optional UV lamp for enhanced functionality.



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