Din Rail Type European Standard Load Center

  • IEC 61439-3 compliant for safety & reliability.
  • 1-3 phases, 200-415V, 4-48 ways. Fits diverse projects.
  • Main breakers: Isolator (32A-100A) or MCCB (30A-400A).
  • Branch breakers: MCB (6A-63A), RCBO (6A-63A), RCCB (10A-63A).
  • Indoor/outdoor models, flush/surface mount. Easy placement & protection.
  • Gray, beige (customizable). Enhance your space.

European Standard DIN Rail Type Load Center: Power Up Your Project with Flexibility and Control

Unleash the power of versatility and control with the European Standard DIN Rail Type Load Center. This robust and adaptable solution caters to a wide range of electrical distribution needs, from residential and commercial buildings to industrial facilities and data centers.


  • Meets IEC 61439-3 standards: Ensures safety and reliability for your peace of mind.
  • Versatile phase options: Choose from 1, 2, or 3 phases to match your specific project requirements.
  • Wide voltage compatibility: Handles voltages from 200V to 415V, accommodating diverse power needs.
  • Temperature resilience: Operates reliably in environments up to 50°C, ideal for demanding locations.
  • Extensive way configurations: 4 to 12 ways for single-phase, 4 to 10 ways for two-phase, and 12 to 48 ways for three-phase, providing optimal circuit allocation.
  • Comprehensive breaker selection:
    • Main breakers: Isolator type (32A to 100A) or MCCB type (30A to 400A) for robust circuit protection.
    • Branch breakers: MCBs (6A to 63A), RCBOs (6A to 63A with 30mA/100mA sensitivity), and RCCBs (10A to 63A) for customizable branch circuit protection.
  • Convenient cable management: Knockouts simplify cable entry and organization.
  • Environmentally adaptable: Indoor (IP40) and outdoor (IP65) models available to suit your installation needs.
  • Mounting flexibility: Flush or surface mounting options provide installation versatility.
  • Stylish design: Available in gray or beige, with the option to specify a custom color for a personalized touch.


  • Adaptability: Handles diverse electrical projects with ease.
  • Safety: IEC-compliant design ensures reliable operation and protection.
  • Efficiency: Optimizes power distribution with a variety of configurations.
  • Control: Comprehensive breaker selection offers precise circuit management.
  • Convenience: Knockouts and mounting options simplify installation.
  • Durability: Indoor/outdoor models withstand various environments.
  • Aesthetics: Stylish design complements your project’s appearance.

Order your European Standard DIN Rail Type Load Center today and experience the power of flexibility and control!


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