Inline Mixed Flow Duct Fan

Explore our best-selling Mixed Flow Duct Fan, a hot-selling product that stands out with its cutting-edge design and unparalleled performance. With a CE certification and a total of six sizes, including an impressive maximum airflow of 2180m³/h, this fan is engineered to meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

Six Size Options

High Airflow Capacity

Temperature Versatility

Easy Installation and Removal

Durable Plastic Cover


Key Features:

Energy Savings: Cooper motor with high quality ball bearing Low noise with stable air volume


High Airflow Capacity: Experience the power of our Mixed Flow Duct Fan with a maximum airflow capacity of 2180m³/h, ensuring effective and efficient ventilation in various applications.


Durable: High quality plastic material, strong and compressive, not easy to deform and sink. The motor has IP X4 ingress protection rating.


Easy Installation and Removal: Enjoy hassle-free operation with a design that facilitates easy installation and removal. No need to dismantle adjacent ducting, streamlining the process for added convenience.


Durable Plastic Cover: The fan features a robust plastic cover, combining durability with a sleek design. The plastic cover enhances the fan’s resilience to environmental factors, ensuring long-lasting performance.





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