Plugin Type American Standard Load Center

Unleash Power, Your Way: American Standard Plugin Type Load Center

Versatile: 1-3 phase, 200-415V, 4-48 ways. Fits diverse projects.

Reliable: IEC 61439-3 compliant, 50°C operation. Built to last.

Customizable: MCBs/MCCBs (30A-400A), plug-in MCBs (6A-63A). Protect & distribute circuits.

Convenient: Indoor/outdoor models, flush/surface mount. Easy placement & protection.

Stylish: Gray, beige (customizable). Enhance your space.

Order now! Power your project, your way


American Standard Plugin Type Load Center: Power Your Project, Your Way


The American Standard Load Center delivers a versatile and dependable solution for managing your electrical distribution needs. Built to IEC 61439-3 standards, it offers a wide range of configurations to fit diverse applications, from single-phase residential to three-phase industrial settings.

Key Features:

  • Phase options: Available in 1, 2, and 3 phases, providing flexibility for various electrical setups.
  • Voltage compatibility: Handles voltages from 200V to 415V, accommodating different power requirements.
  • Temperature resilience: Operates reliably in environments up to 50°C, ideal for demanding locations.
  • Way configurations: Choose from 4 to 12 ways for single-phase, 4 to 10 ways for two-phase, and 12 to 48 ways for three-phase, ensuring optimal circuit allocation.
  • Breaker options: Select from MCBs (30A to 100A) or MCCBs (30A to 400A) for main circuit protection, and plug-in MCBs (6A to 63A) for branch circuit protection, offering customization based on load requirements.
  • Cable access: Convenient knockouts simplify cable entry and management.
  • Environmental protection: Choose between indoor (IP40) and outdoor (IP65) models to match your installation needs.
  • Mounting options: Flush or surface mounting provides flexibility for space optimization.
  • Color choices: Available in gray or beige, with the option to specify a custom color for a personalized touch.


  • Versatility: Adapts to a wide range of electrical applications.
  • Reliability: Built to IEC standards for safe and dependable performance.
  • Efficiency: Optimizes power distribution with a variety of configurations.
  • Safety: Offers robust circuit protection with multiple breaker options.
  • Convenience: Knockouts and mounting options ensure easy installation.
  • Durability: Available in indoor and outdoor models for diverse environments.
  • Aesthetics: Choice of colors enhances the visual appeal of your project.

Ideal for:

  • Residential and commercial buildings
  • Industrial facilities
  • Data centers
  • And more!

Order your American Standard Load Center today and experience the power of flexibility and reliability!


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