Drum Circular Blower Industrial Luxury Exhaust Fan Axial Type in Saudi Arabia

Beat the heat with the Industrial Drum Fan!

  • Powerful airflow, adjustable speeds, and 360° tilting head for targeted cooling.
  • Durable motor with easy portability thanks to wheels and grip handle (on portable models).
  • Perfect for factories, construction sites, garages, and more!

Industrial Drum Fan: Powerful Airflow, Easy Maneuverability

Built to Last:

  • Heavy-duty motor: Roller bearings provide heat resistance and minimize maintenance. Cold-rolled silicon steel and copper enameled wire ensure efficient operation with minimal temperature rise.
  • Quiet and reliable: High-quality ball bearings reduce noise, while a built-in thermal protector safeguards the motor for long-lasting performance.

Powerful Airflow:

  • Wide blades: Generate a comfortable, wide stream of air.
  • Adjustable speed control: Tailor the airflow to your needs.
  • 360° tilting head: Direct the airflow exactly where you need it.

Portable and Convenient:

  • Grip handle (portable models only): Effortlessly transport the fan.
  • Wheels: Move the fan from place to place with ease.

Versatile Applications:

  • Ideal for cooling and ventilation in various settings: Factories, construction sites, garages, and more.


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