ECO Q Cross Flow Air Curtain

Introducing our sleek Metal Casing with Durable Powder Spray Coating Air Curtain, featuring a distinctive arc design and slim body for a modern and space-efficient solution. Designed for high efficiency and low noise, this air curtain offers convenient operation with easily adjustable air patterns. Choose from various widths: 600, 900, 1000, 1200, 1500, 1800, and 2000mm to suit different spaces. The Cooper motor, paired with an ABS impeller and ball bearing, ensures durable and quiet operation.

With a unique air duct design that maintains stable air pressure and delivers a significant air volume, this air curtain is ideal for most commercial entrances up to 2.8 meters. Its small and compact size, coupled with an elegant and friendly rounded shape, makes it a versatile choice for various environments. The wall-mounted regulation system with a remote control adds convenience to its user-friendly features. Constructed with cold-rolled sheet material, this air curtain not only performs efficiently but also boasts a durable and reliable build. Upgrade your space with this stylish and effective air curtain, blending form and function seamlessly.

  1. Energy-Efficient Operation:
    • Cooper motor ensures high performance with low energy consumption.
    • Runs trouble-free for 8000 hours with minimal noise and maintains a strong, stable airspeed.
    • Prevents outdoor air from entering, minimizing heat or cool loss in air-conditioned rooms.
  2. Innovative and Compact Design:
    • Unique and elegant design with a small, compact, rounded shape.
    • Powder spray ensures the air curtain never rusts.
    • Offers both remote and manual control options with two-speed settings for versatility.
  3. Comfort-Enhancing Air Curtain:
    • Effectively blocks dust, dirt, fumes, and flying insects from entering indoor spaces.
    • Reduces HVAC system workload, leading to lower maintenance and equipment replacement costs.
    • Enhances comfort for workers and guests.
    • Easy to clean and maintain with simple air flow regulation features.


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