Superpower X5 Series Centrifugal Air Curtain

Experience a blend of style and adaptability with our air curtain’s sleek, discreet, and contemporary design. Its smooth front panel offers customization options, allowing the incorporation of logos, lettering, or safety details to align with specific client requirements. Equipped with a powerful centrifugal fan and copper motor, this air curtain ensures a uniform forced airflow, with a top air entrance design that conceals internal components. Choose between two speeds to accommodate different environmental conditions, and enjoy the convenience of remote control for effortless operation. With a high-efficiency motor and low consumption fans, this air curtain delivers a powerful airspeed of up to 21m/s, making it an ideal choice for installations at heights ranging from 3.5 to 5 meters. Available in multiple sizes, it is designed to adapt seamlessly to diverse applications and is CE and CB certified for quality assurance.

  1. Elegant Design:
    • Smooth frontal panel with upper side air entrance for an elegant and discreet appearance
    • Ensures the air entrance is out of sight, avoiding disruption to interior vision
  2. High Performance:
    • Centrifugal fan and powerful motor for superior performance
    • Large casing size enhances air circulation
    • Achieves a strong airspeed of up to 21 m/s
  3. Air Curtain Benefits:
    • Acts as a barrier, preventing dust, dirt, fumes, and flying insects from entering
    • Reduces HVAC system workload, minimizing maintenance costs
    • Increases comfort for both workers and guests
    • Easy to clean and maintain for ongoing efficiency

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