RCF Series Centrifugal Roof Fan

● Application: It is suitable for installation on the roof of industrial and mining plants, civil buildings, shopping malls and other places for the purpose of extraction and exhaust.
● Transmission medium requirements: The transmission medium should be air or other gas without corrosiveness, in flammability and explicability and not contain stickup. Dust and other particles included in the air cannot be beyond 150mg/m3. lf used for transmission particles, the life of impeller will be shortened.
● Transmission medium temperature: below 80℃ with standard structure.


● The series of fan type is upper exhaust type centrifugal roof fan which adopts backward centrifugal aluminum impeller. The fan inlet venturi tube has a circular arc shape to ensure smooth flow with the fan inlet. The impeller is statically and dynamically balanced to meet the international standard ISO.

● The fan casing and impeller are made of aluminum alloy.

● The motor is matched to the fan load, motor protection class is lP44, insulation class is B, ball bearings. The motor and drive mechanism are placed outside the airflow to prevent dust or grease build-up.

● Fan cover and outer housing: Made of thick aluminum plate, which can withstand external strength and large wind load. lts structural form and installation requirements prevent leakage of heavy rain or snow.

● Drive mechanism support plate: Made of anti-corrosion galvanized steel plate, the structural strength can ensure the normal operation of the drive components without large vibration.

● Flashing: The flashing and the air inlet are integrated and stretched to prevent water seepage. The four sides of flashing are designed with mounting holes for fixing to the roof flashing structure.

● Anti-bird grill: Made of high-quality cold-drawn iron wire, sturdy and anti-rust, and ensure that the fan air outlet is protected from birds or small objects when the fan is running or stopped.

● Fan parameters are tested in accordance with Air Movement and Control Association Standards 210 and 310. The fan parameters are experimentally tested by the operation of the whole fan.

● Models: 250, 280, 315, 355, 400, 450, 500 and 560 in all 8 models.


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