Steel Square Type Industrial Exhaust Fan

Conquer industrial air challenges with the Steel Square Exhaust Fan! This power-packed beast tackles dust, fumes, and stale air in factories, warehouses, restaurants, and more. Its slim design squeezes into tight spaces and a unique drain mechanism protects the motor from dust and water. Built to handle extreme temperatures (-10°C to +50°C), it also has built-in thermal protection for extra peace of mind. Mount it horizontally or vertically, it’s your choice! Breathe easy, work strong with the Steel Square Industrial Exhaust Fan.


Power Up Your Ventilation with the Steel Square Industrial Exhaust Fan!

Conquer dust, fumes, and stale air in your warehouse, factory, restaurant, or any industrial space with the mighty Steel Square Industrial Exhaust Fan. Its sleek, square design packs a powerful punch, delivering optimal ventilation while seamlessly integrating into your existing setup.

Built to Last:

  • Slimline Efficiency: Maximize space utilization with the slim design, perfect for installation within equipment or tight spaces.
  • Durable and Resilient: A unique drain mechanism prevents water and dust from harming the motor, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Temperature Extremes? No Problem: This high-performance totally enclosed condenser motor operates flawlessly in diverse environments, from -10°C to +50°C.
  • Thermal Protection: Enjoy peace of mind with the built-in thermal protector that safeguards the motor against overheating.

Versatility Reigns:

  • Horizontal or Vertical? You Choose: Mount the fan in any direction, horizontal or vertical, to suit your ventilation needs.
  • Industrial Powerhouse: Tackle even the toughest air challenges in warehouses, factories, restaurants, stores, and more.

Invest in a cleaner, healthier work environment with the Steel Square Industrial Exhaust Fan.


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