Super Large Centrifugal Industrial Air Curtain

Introducing our robust and powerful Industrial Air Curtain, meticulously designed for horizontal installation on large industrial doors. Engineered with a centrifugal fan featuring a low-noise copper motor, this air curtain ensures superior performance and efficiency. The centrifugal fan design enhances power, delivering a uniform forced airflow, while the high-efficiency motor, paired with low-consumption fans, guarantees reliable operation.

With an impressive air speed of up to 28m/s, this industrial air curtain is optimized for installations with recommended heights of up to 8 meters, providing effective air separation for large entrances. Our range includes multiple sizes to cater to diverse industrial applications, ensuring versatility and adaptability to various settings.

For your convenience, these air curtains are shipped fully assembled, simplifying the installation process and minimizing downtime. This user-friendly approach extends to their operation and maintenance, making them a hassle-free solution for industrial spaces.

Elevate your industrial environment with our Industrial Air Curtain, where power, efficiency, and ease of use converge to create a reliable solution for maintaining optimal indoor conditions while maximizing energy savings.



Key Features:


Centrifugal Fan Technology: The air curtains utilize advanced centrifugal fan technology, featuring a low-noise copper motor. This powerful combination ensures superior performance, delivering a more robust and uniform forced airflow.


High Efficiency Motor: Equipped with a high-efficiency motor assembly, these air curtains boast low consumption fans, making them an energy-efficient choice for industrial applications.


Powerful Air Speed: Experience a powerful airspeed of up to 28m/s, providing an effective barrier against external elements. This high-speed performance makes it suitable for large industrial doors, ensuring optimal protection and climate control.


Recommended Installation Height: Tailored for industrial spaces, these air curtains are recommended for installation at heights up to 8 meters, accommodating the unique requirements of expansive industrial environments.


Multiple Sizes for All Applications: Our Powerful Industrial Air Curtain is available in multiple sizes, ensuring versatility for various industrial applications. This flexibility allows for seamless integration into different door configurations and sizes.


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